This is a webmention-receiver server. It allows anyone to receive notifications when someone links to their website via webmentions, without needing to create an account.

To use it, add this HTML to the <head> section of the pages you want to receive mentions for:

<link href="https://webmention.wesleyac.com/example.com/receiver" rel="webmention">

Replacing example.com with the domain your website is on.

Once you've done that, you'll be able to see webmentions that people send you by visiting https://webmention.wesleyac.com/example.com. You can subscribe to updates using RSS at https://webmention.wesleyac.com/example.com/feed.xml

If you would like to also receive pingbacks, you can use webmention.io to convert them to webmentions (also without creating an account), by adding the following line to your <head>:

<link href="https://webmention.io/webmention?forward=https://webmention.wesleyac.com/example.com/receiver" rel="pingback">

(Replacing example.com with your domain, once again)

webmention-receiver currently does not attempt to verify that the source or target pages exist. If I end up running into spam problems, I'll go and implement that.